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With the famous Trim Castle on it's doorstep, Trim Castle Hotel is a stunning wedding venue in Trim, Co. Meath.
Wedding morning preparations-8227Wedding morning preparations-8285Wedding morning preparations-8657Trim Castle Hotel Civil Ceremony-8747Wedding Drinks Reception-8794Trim Castle Hotel Wedding Reception-9035Trim Castle Bridal Party-8857Trim Castle Bridal Party-8541Trim Castle Bridal Party-8960Trim Castle Bridal Party-8978Trim Castle Hotel Wedding Reception-8417Trim Castle Bridal Party-9180Kelly Ann Michael First Dance-8656Wedding morning preparations-3803Wedding morning preparations-3815Ceremony at Trim Castle Hotel-3849Bridal Party at Trim Castle-2761Bridal Party at Trim Castle-4032Sharon and Pauls wedding reception-4043Sharon and Pauls wedding reception-4049