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The Johnstown Estate features the original Manor house built back in 1761. Set in the Co. Meath countryside, it offers so many beautiful spaces where you can have everything from an intimate dinner to a wedding extravaganza.
You simply select where: a civil ceremony in either the Grand Ballroom or our authentic walled garden; a champagne or cocktail reception on the lawn or a festival-themed event in the gardens.
Fiona & Derek's wedding morning preparations-7426Fiona & Derek's wedding morning preparations-3210Fiona & Derek's wedding morning preparations-7501Fiona & Derek's wedding morning preparations-7562Fiona & Derek's wedding morning preparations-7576Fiona & Derek's wedding morning preparations-3221Wedding ceremony at Johnstown Estate-3228Wedding ceremony at Johnstown Estate-5605Wedding ceremony at Johnstown Estate-3252Wedding ceremony at Johnstown Estate-7620Wedding ceremony at Johnstown Estate-5663Wedding ceremony at Johnstown Estate-3310Wedding ceremony at Johnstown Estate-3344Wedding ceremony at Johnstown Estate-5766Family wedding photos at Johnstown Estate-3530Family wedding photos at Johnstown Estate-7852Bride & Groom at Johnstown Estate-3574Bride & Groom at Johnstown Estate-7901Bride & Groom at Johnstown Estate-3604Bride & Groom at Johnstown Estate-5868