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Ballymagarvey Village is one of Ireland's leading exclusive wedding venues. Dating back over 800 years it truly is a unique and amazing location.
Fiona & Shane's wedding morning preparations-1311Fiona & Shane's wedding morning preparations-8203Fiona & Shane's wedding morning preparations-8207Fiona & Shane's wedding morning preparations-1536Fiona & Shane's wedding morning preparations-6118Ballymagarvey Ceremony Fiona Shane-6157Ballymagarvey Ceremony Fiona Shane-8411Fiona Shane's drinks reception at Ballymagarvey-1846Bridal party photos at Ballymagarvey Village-1965Bridal party photos at Ballymagarvey Village-6584Bridal party photos at Ballymagarvey Village-6603Fiona Shane's drinks reception at Ballymagarvey-2055Fiona Shane's drinks reception at Ballymagarvey-2058Fiona Shane's drinks reception at Ballymagarvey-6657Fiona Shane's drinks reception at Ballymagarvey-2088Fiona Shane's drinks reception at Ballymagarvey-6732Ballymagarvey Village wedding reception-2257Ballymagarvey Village wedding reception-2381Wedding morning preparations-1453Wedding morning preparations-4341